Wisdom Teeth Extraction

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Third molars are commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. They are usually the last teeth to develop and are located in the back of your mouth, behind your second molars. Their development is usually completed between the middle teenage years and early twenties, a time traditionally associated with the onset of maturity and the attainment of wisdom.



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Wisdom Teeth Presentation

To provide you with a better understanding of wisdom teeth, we have provided the following multimedia presentation. Many common questions pertaining to wisdom teeth are discussed.

Wisdom Teeth Presentation

Extractions FAQ

Do I need my tooth cut out or can it just be pulled?

There are different types of extractions that range from simple to completely impacted, it just depends on the positioning and condition of the tooth.

Why will my general dentist not just take out the tooth?

Many dentists are getting away from doing more complex extractions and referring to oral surgeons due to their patient’s past medical history and medication use.

How long is the expected recovery time after a tooth extraction?

Every individual deals differently with discomfort. Many people say that they feel back to normal 5-7 days after oral surgery.

How long does the procedure usually take?

Several factors determine this. The root structures can vary which can sometimes increase surgical time; however, the oral surgeon will always spend the amount of time necessary to keep the patient comfortable while ensuring the entire tooth structure is removed.

When can I resume normal activities following an extraction?

Most people like to take the day of surgery off to ensure time to rest following an extraction but with a single/simple tooth extraction, most people resume relatively normal activities the next day. When wisdom teeth are removed, it might be necessary to take 2-3 days off relative to their comfort level.

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